MLW6Mike began his career in education as a teacher at Blair High School, where he taught biology and earth science for eleven years. In 1969,Mike became the Student Affairs Coordinator for Montgomery County Public Schools. His office was at Blair High School until 1973. In 1973 the office was moved to Einstien where it remained until 1985.

In 1985, the office moved to Walter Johnson. In 1987, the office was moved to Wood Middle School. In 1989, the office was moved to the Woodward High School. In 1990, the office moved to the Carver Educational Services Center. In 1993, Mike moved the MLW office to Spring Mill Drive. In 1995, the MLW office moved to Rock Terrace High School. In 1998, the MLW office returned to Carver Educational Services Center.

Throughout his career and still today, Mike has advised and supported both MLW and the Maryland Association of Student Councils. It is difficult, if not impossible, to identify any single educator in Maryland who has more profoundly and directly impacted the lives of thousands of Maryland students over so many years. We can think of nothing more fitting than to celebrate Mike’s lifelong commitment to youth and leadership by creating a permanent Endowment Fund in his name.

Many thanks to the Mike Michaelson MLW Endowment Fund Contributors


Bob Shreve
Catherine McCall and Scott Ballenger
Bernie and Darrilynne Mazyck
Craig Donnelly
Germaine Crocker Troxel and Wolf Furniture
Joel Goodman and The Humor Project Inc.
Kimberly Joseph
Larry Culleen and Nina Weisbroth
Lloyd S. Etheredge
Michael Kovalchick
Ron Dhindsa
Spriggs Hollingsworth
Ty Saini
Jeff Wester,Suzanne M. Wester,M.D. Charitable Trust
Steven Adler

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Cynthia and Eliot Pfanstiehl
David and Ken Hall
Lynn Rajacich Osborn
Marcy Leonard
Nina R. Horowitz,MD
Wolf Furniture

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Aimee Rogstad Guidera
Anthony and Yolande Smith
Cherie Caldwell
David DuGoff and Vicki Bor
Holly Huntley
Judy (Swift) Cash
Karen Goldman
Lauren Hanson and Lehman Brothers
Mary Alex Dundics
Mary Meares
Noel White
Steve Sultanoff
Aaron Hughes
Bruce A. Stanley
Ray Sacchetti

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Anita Clark-Barrett
Dan Briddell
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald McCall
John A. Giannetti
John and Melinda Hanson
Karen Crawford
Karen Krug O’Neill
Lisa Bishop
Patti Stegman Bourexis
Steve Brown
Steve Dunne
Steve Oakes
Lehman Brothers
Mike Romano
Mindy Peden
Stephanie Scurto (Smith)
Tiffany M. Butcher

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Barrie L. Moorman
Gary Horowitz
Jason Israel
Jose Sabalbaro
Lara Petze
Maureen Harris
Michele E. Jacobs and Joseph V. Bowen,Jr.
Phil Ehr
Raymond Torreon
Scott M. Hamilton
Sandra Keehner

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Aliza Leventhal
Ann E. Misback
Barry Lorraine Rogstad
Brian Lignelli
Carl Dudley
Charlie Weber
Cindy Gueli
David Naimon
Devita Bishundat
Esther Newman
Jo Weinstein and Jack Minker
Joseph E. Godbout
Lindsey Bloom
Mark Stein
Mary Lou Wood
Matthew Tove
Meredith Camille Smith
Michelle Robinson
Montgomery Blair Class of 1960
Nancy Minieri
Rebecca Gifford and Jonathan Goldberg
Sally Marchessault
Steven Green and High Mountain Sports
Susan Nash Travetto
Tom Saunders
Amal Dave
Derryck Fletcher
Donnice Brown
Jennifer Leete
Justin Brown
Lori Daughterty
Peter Robertson
Taconic Anmed

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Anonymous (3)
Chuck Buckler
Erica Myers
Jinny Jang
Josh Michael
Karen Lederer
Mary Beth Cooper
Omari Aarons
Stefanie Woodburn
Sue Beebe
Sue and Jerry Weinstein
Tiffany M. Butcher

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