Active Staff

Over 90% of our staff were once delegates themselves. Active Staff members plan and prepare for months prior to the week-long program. Outside of MLW, they are busy leaders in their schools, communities and careers in a variety of fields. See a sample of the MLW Staff Accomplishments.

Program Directors are selected in the fall of the preceding year and staff applications are available in January. Our staff to student ratio in core programs is 1:7.

Apply to Staff

Continue your leadership journey by creating the MLW Magic with talented and experienced directors and staff members.

To apply to join the MLW staff, applicants complete the New Staff Application online. It will be available in January.  For  new staff applicants who did not attend MLW as delegate, a letter of recommendation from a teacher, supervisor, or other appropiate person must sent separately to:

MLW, P.O. Box 1792, Germantown, MD 20875

Deadline for applications (including letter of recommendation, as necesary) is February 15.

The commitment required of staff is significant. Please be sure to review the full schedule of training and programs, which will be available at the time of application, to ensure you are able to attend before applying.

Other dates to consider:

Thursday Night Dinners (TND)
End of Summer Event, mid August

To access the Active Staff Intranet, click here.

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Make Your Contribution


As a non-profit organization, MLW relies on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to provide our programs at a below market cost so that any student may attend regardless of ability to pay the tuition. Your donation provides scholarship support so that more students experience the MLW magic.