Summer Programs

At the core of Maryland Leadership Workshops are five distinct week-long, residential summer programs. Click on the links below (in red font) for more information. DATES LISTED BELOW ARE TENTATIVE, AND WILL BE CONFIRMED IN NOVEMBER.

MLW's summer programs attract students from around Maryland and the country. The geographic, socio-economic, ethnic and experiential diversity reflected in the composition of delegates and staff is an invaluable part of the experience. Concepts and skills are developed during Workshops, Group Projects, Committee Responsibilities and Small Group Discussion Sessions.

Other activities include games, variety shows, dances, and opportunities for delegates to lead activities for their peers. The supportive and fun environment fosters increased independence, self-esteem and confidence. Delegates graduate from the program inspired and motivated to realize their own leadership potential. Any student interested in discovering and developing his or her leadership potential can benefit from our programs.

Held on the campus of Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, this is a chance to experience college life for a week. 

In addition, many schools now accept Student Service Learning hours for part of the time spent at MLW. Be sure to check with your SSL coordinator to find out how you can earn SSL credit at MLW.


What does a typical day look like?

Each day has different topics and activities, but the basic schedule follows something like this:

8:00-8:45 Breakfast

8:50-9:10 Morning Sing –At a wonderful place called Morning Sing Hill everyone gets together to wake up, sing silly songs and hear the announcements for the day –An MLW Tradition!

9:15-10:15 Workshop #1

10:20-11:25 Committee Meetings - In groups of approximately 15, students plan and implement an aspect of the camp (e.g. the variety show).

11:30-12:30 Workshop #2

12:35-1:20 Lunch

1:25-2:25 Workshop #3

2:30-3:45 Recreation

3:50-5:30 REALITY –A time when students, in teams of approximately 25, put the skills they learned about in workshops into action. Most REALITY projects are framed around a real or theoretical situation (The group is in charge of putting together a magazine for youth). Each day, the team must complete different tasks.

5:30-6:15 Dinner

6:15-7:00 Free Time

7:00-7:25 Tuning - Small-group action planning and reflecting with trained, experienced MLW staff members.

7:25-8:25 Group Meeting

8:30-10:10 Evening Activity (dance, talent show, etc.)

10:15 Check-in

10:15-10:45 Hall Time

10:45-11:10 Hall Meeting –Getting together with the girls (or the boys) and just talking about your day, eating snacks and sometime doing activities

11:10 Lights Out

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Find the answers to all your questions in our FAQ section for Parents and Students.


Make Your Contribution


As a non-profit organization, MLW relies on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to provide our programs at a below market cost so that any student may attend regardless of ability to pay the tuition. Your donation provides scholarship support so that more students experience the MLW magic.