Student FAQ


What do we do besides learn?

Everyday there is time for group games, free time, recreation time, and community-wide events. So besides learning, you’ll be meeting new people, hanging out, playing games, going to dances, teaching or attending student-led seminars, participating in or watching a variety show, and in general, having lots of fun.

What kind of food do we eat?

You’ll be eating food from the campus dining hall. They have a variety of options for all meals to suit your tastes. The dining staff is also able to accommodate a variety of dietary issues.

Is it like summer school?

No —MLW is not like school (we promise!) You do have workshops, but they are fun and interactive, not your typical lecture. There are also lots of other activities besides classroom learning that happens at MLW.

What is the deadline for application?

All application forms and full payment of fees must be submitted to MLW by May 15th. For more information on our application process, please visit our Application Information [link sec 3].

What can I expect on a typical day?

A typical day at a MLW summer program is packed with engaging activities including leadership workshops, teambuilding games and icebreakers, recreation time (where delegates engage in activities, relax, play sports, etc.) and/or one of our many community events including a dance, talent show, or youth speak-outs (student-led discussions on issues of youth leadership).

Can I room with people who I know that are attending the same summer program?

In order to encourage the type of healthy risk-taking and community-building that is unique to MLW’s summer programs, we don’t honor requests to room students together. MLW offers a wonderful opportunity for students to meet their peers from across the state of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. Rooming students with people they already know would hamper their willingness to get to know others, thus missing out on some valuable learning experiences. Think of it like going to college; part of the thrill of going to a university is all the new people you meet there. Networking with other student leaders is a valuable part of the MLW experience.

What if I don’t know anyone else going?

Not to worry —our summer programs are designed with daily teambuilding games that ensure students break the ice and get to know one another. Many students establish friendships with their fellow delegates that extend well past the conclusion of summer programs.

If I can’t attend a summer program, is there any other way I can learn from MLW?

MLW’s community outreach programs offer anything from one-day to multiple days with overnight programs that are tailored to address the needs of your student organization. These programs are offered throughout the year. Contact our office for more information.



Make Your Contribution


As a non-profit organization, MLW relies on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to provide our programs at a below market cost so that any student may attend regardless of ability to pay the tuition. Your donation provides scholarship support so that more students experience the MLW magic.