Empowering young people to recognize and realize their potential as leaders has been our core mission since our founding in 1955.

MLW works with middle and high school students in Maryland and throughout the region. Through peer-led facilitation we inspire participants to be engaged and involved and empower them with the skills and confidence to make a difference in their schools and communities.  

"MLW' s programs give students the opportunity to have hands-on experience in the concepts and skills that prepare them for college or career."

- Lillian M. Lowery, Ed.D., State Superintendent of Schools


2011 ALS presentation


"MLW is a truly life changing experience. This camp redefines leadership in so many ways. In camps its typical that the people in charge will stand up in front of you and tell you who you´re supposed to be by the end of your time there. But, at MLW the staff really pays attention to our specific needs and personalities to make us better leaders."

- ALS delegate.



Make Your Contribution


As a non-profit organization, MLW relies on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to provide our programs at a below market cost so that any student may attend regardless of ability to pay the tuition. Your donation provides scholarship support so that more students experience the MLW magic.