The most meaningful indicator of MLW's achievement of its mission comes in the form of feedback from delegates, parents, teachers, and others touched by the MLW experience.  We appreciate the time delegates take to share their experiences so we can learn from their insights.  Here's a sample of what others are saying about Maryland Leadership Workshops:  

Read a sampling of testimonials::

"MLW, Maryland’s premier provider of leadership training, consistently empowers youth to exercise leadership within their schools and communities and achieve success in all facets of their lives."

– Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick, Maryland State Superintendent of Schools from 1991 to 2011


"Maryland Leadership Workshops were enriching for me in all ways. I made friends that lasted, and learned principles that endure. I am lucky to have been among such a remarkable group of people, and treasure the experience to this day."

– Scott Simon,"Weekend Edition Saturday" Host,National Public Radio


Dear (Middle School Experience in Leadership staffers),

Thank you all so much for your hard work, determination, kindness, patience, postive roles in our lives and above all, your leadership skills. You guys helped make this camp so enjoyable for me and for everyone else that it was hard to say goodbye.

Much love,
Camille H.,2004 MSEL delegate


"I wanted to let you know just how grateful we are for the MLW program…We have always been proud of [our son], but with this newfound confidence, it is exciting to watch him bloom."

"Thanks for your hard work and diligence with these future leaders of Maryland and, perhaps, our nation".

- Ann Wiseman, parent of a Senior High Workshop delegate


“I just wanted to drop a note and thank the MLW staff for all their hard work during 1999. That was my first year at any MLW workshop and I was really impressed with what I found. This program is a real jewel and there is nothing like it. Thank you for changing my life!!!”

–Lauren M. Wolf,a 1999 SHW delegate


“I just wanted to take the time to say that my kids and their cousin came home exceeding the expectations that I had for them to achieve. They are already looking forward to next year. Thank you and God bless you and the workers at the camp.”

“MLW is a program that has helped me develop as an individual through intellect and friendship.”

– John R.,Advanced Leadership Seminar 2002 delegate


“MLW was fun because I made lots of new friends and I learned I can be anyone I choose to be. I now feel confident and secure about who I am."

–Jordan B.,MSEL 2002 delegate


"MLW is one of the best investments I’ve made in my son’s education. His growth through MLW was remarkable".

– Cheol Park,parent of a MSEL participant


"The week I spent at MLW will forever have an impact on my life. I learned how to become a better leader and a better human being. I was introduced to a number of unique and special people that I will never forget".

–Lillian G.,SHW 2002 delegate


Here is a small sample of what 2011 delegates wrote in their post-site evaluations:

SHW 2011

I can truly say this was a life changing experience. I came in with a negative attitude, and I am now leaving with a positive attitude about me, my actions, and myself as a leader. I have learned to love myself, and I have learned to accept things as they are. I even have a new motto to help me: Just forget ’bout it. I have made friends for life and I will never forget this experience. Everyone here is so nice and they make me feel welcome. I am going to come back next year, and I am going to encourage my friends to also come. Remember: lead, believe, be: MLW!

I really enjoyed the MLW experience. I liked talking with the groups. Sometimes we talked about things that I would not be willing to talk about with friends. I am really glad that MLW was able to provide me with a safe and comfortable environment to discuss these things.

MLW has been an amazing experience. At first I thought that I would not meet anybody new, but within a few hours I met amazing people. I have built such close relationships with some people and learned so many things about being an effective leader. Thank you so much for this great experience.


MSEL 2011

MSEL was an amazing experience, and as a person, this has changed my life and I will remember this forever. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to come here and meet new people, learn about leadership, and just have a good time. I want to thank everyone here,especially the staff,for making sure we had as much fun as we possibly could and still learn a lot at the same time. I’ m just very,very grateful for the fun week.

It was the best time I had had in a long time. I have learned so much about leadership and I can now use it back at school/home.

This was the best week of my life because I learned new things,met awesome new people and saw a whole new side of my personality.


ALS 2011

MLW is a truly life changing experience. This camp redefines leadership in so many ways. In camps its typical that the people in charge will stand up in front of you and tell you who you’re supposed to be by the end of your time there. But,at MLW the staff really pays attention to our specific needs and personalities to make us better leaders.

ALS was amazing. I honestly believe that the skills I have learned and the ways I learned how to utilize them will make me a better leader and has changed me as a person. I want to make a difference and now,I KNOW I can.

I loved it!!! I learned a lot and the staffers were great and the workshops were fun and educational. The practicum was also relevant to the world.



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